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U.S. Census Bureau slowly resumes field operations.

In the coming weeks, Arkansans may get a knock on the door from someone excited to encourage them to participate in the census.

As the U.S. Census Bureau continues outreach, here’s what you need to know:

Let family, friends, and fellow Arkansans know that if they primarily receive mail at a PO box, someone from the U.S. Census Bureau may come to their door to leave a paper census survey. If they prefer to complete the paper survey, it’s important for Arkansans to complete it and mail it in immediately so they don’t forget! Also, as the bureau and Arkansas Counts partners continue to strategically engage Arkansans, a quick response to the census helps us determine where to focus our outreach.

If any Arkansan needs support completing the census, encourage them to reach out to:

  • Arkansas United for English and Spanish speakers – (479) 347-2824
  • Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese for Marshallese speakers — (479) 365-6625
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