Ensure #ARCounts, Complete the Census Survey at My2020Census.Gov — Then Tell #20for2020 to Do the Same

In 2020, Arkansans will be asked to do something that will impact many aspects of day-to-day life in our state for the next decade. It’s a simple ask: Be counted. An accurate Census is critical to the economy of our state and the well-being of Arkansans. Census data is used by businesses when deciding where to locate and where to invest. The census guides the federal government when it allocates billions of dollars to Arkansas for education, health care, and infrastructure. It determines how many representatives we send to Congress and how voting districts are drawn. If all Arkansans are counted, our state will be on a strong path over the next 10 years, helping our economy and ensuring that we have the resources we need to thrive. I support an accurate count in Arkansas next year and encourage everyone to be counted on April 1st.

Tell #20for2020 Challenge!

Use these resources from the U.S. Census Bureau to help you identify hard-to-count populations. Live in or near a hard-to-count community? Then reach out to residents to ensure all communities are counted. Remember! For every 1% undercount, $1 billion is at stake that will go toward education, healthcare, roads, and other things children and families depend on.

Beat 2010 Challenge

Compare census response rates from 2010 to 2020 AS DATA COMES IN! Use the map below to compare how many residents participate in the census LIVE, as responses are recorded. See a low response rate? Go to that community to #GetOutTheCountAR using Arkansas Counts’ communication resources linked here.

“Who’s Hard to Count?” Challenge

See what communities are hard to count and who lives there using the U.S. Census Bureau’s Response Outreach Area Tracker (ROAM) Tracker. The ROAM Tracker shows socioeconomic and demographic information you can use to think about how to effectively engage and Get Out the Count in areas across Arkansas.

Who Else Is Ready to #CommitToCountAR?

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