Recent updates to the Census Hard-to-Count Map show that young children in Arkansas, especially in Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Rogers, are at risk of being undercounted. Click here to check out the map, share it, and let us know on Facebook and twitter how you will #GetOutTheCountAR.

Together, we will ensure a complete and accurate 2020 U.S. Census count for Arkansas. At the Arkansas Counts Census Summit Arkansas leaders came together to learn and share how to ensure every Arkansas resident is counted, especially hard-to-count populations.

Videos to Help You Get Out the Count

Events Where Arkansans Will Get Out the Count

Share events happening in your community

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How to Get Out the Count 

Mapping Hard to Count Communities

Map that shows hard-to-count communities during the 2020 Census

Census 2020 Outreach Training Deck

2020 Census Questionnaire

Check out the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire and get ready to Get Out the Count

2020 Census FAQ

The U.S. Census Bureau responds to the most often asked quewtions about the upcoming census survey

You Can Respond to the Census in Spanish

The U.S. Census Bureau explains how residents can complete the census survey in Spanish

Responding to the 2020 Census without an ID

Check out the 2020 U.S. Census questionnaire and get ready to Get Out the Count

Multi-Lingual Support

Several civil rights groups provide hotlines for multi-lingual census support

How the 2020 Census Will Invite Everyone to Participate

Find out how the U.S. Census Bureau is taking action to count residents

Census Jobs Promotional

Spread the word: Applications are open to join the 2020 Census team

You Count! Be Counted.

Handout from The Arc of the U.S. to Get Out the Count, especially among residents with intellectual and physical disabilities

Get Your Community Counted

2020 Census: Mail Contact Strategies Viewer

See the mail contact strategy in each Census Tract

Libraries' Guide to the 2020 Census

Census data are used to determine a variety of decisions libraries make to provide informational resources

Revised Counts

Governmental units, census tracts, and census blocks

Why the Census Matters

Arkansas Complete Count Overview

Arkansas Economic Development Institute

Relevant data on the impact of the 2020 Census on Arkansas

Uses of Census Bureau Data in Federal Funds Distribution

Analysis of the 132 programs census data are used to distribute more than $675 billion in 2015 funding 

Counting the Dollars 2020

George Washington Institute of Public Policy’s analysis of the role the 2020 Census will have on the distribution of federal funds